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Hi, I’m
Dave Barnwell

a full stack web developer
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What I do

I work with clients and web designers to build websites, Web Apps and Mobile Apps that exceed client expectations.

Delivering a great product is all about communication and collaboration, which is why I like working in teams that mix diverse skill sets, and companies with flat organisational structures, it enables innovation and delivery.

I lean towards building on top of cloud services, such as AWS, especially serverless, but have years of experience installing and managing *nix servers if that is more appropriate.

Utilising frameworks and other software tools as required, such as (big list, skip a paragraph if you are not technical) Astro, Node.js, Solidjs, Vue, React, AngularJS, Alpine, Typescript, Laravel, Foundation, Slim, CI/CD, Redis/Memcache, Go, Python, Rust, C/C++, tailwind, bootstrap, SASS/SCSS, you get the idea?

No idea what the above means?
Basically it’s about breadth of experience and using current tech to make your ideas real.

Why engage me on your project?
I'm a strong believer that as a full-stack developer, I should not only keep up with the latest technological advances and techniques but should also keep abreast of latest design and business patterns as well.
It's having a good understanding of how these work together that delivers a great product.

While I tend to work as a freelance/contract resource within a team these days, I've built and managed engineering teams from scratch multiple times should that be required.

See some recent work

Contact me (see footer) if you'd like to know more about my backend work which has been extensive, auditing, building or supporting critical high-volume environments, such as auditing major UK Universities' backend application suites used by Staff and Students, Or working at Headforwards on Best Energy's global IoT platform, to name two recent examples.

Life outside tech?

I'm an avid music lover, record collector, audiophile, relapsed trombone and piano player, devourer of books, lover of the outdoors.